Iran: The Meaning and History of the Flag of Iran: Colors, Emblem, and Symbolism

What is the meaning of the colors on the flag of Iran?

The green represents Islam, the white represents peace, and the red represents courage and martyrdom.

Why does the flag of Iran have an emblem in the center?

The emblem in the center is a stylized version of the word Allah in Arabic script.

What is the history of the flag of Iran?

The flag of Iran has a long history dating back to the Persian Empire, but the current design was adopted in 1980 after the Islamic Revolution.

What is the significance of the emblem on the flag of Iran?

The emblem represents the Islamic faith and the country’s commitment to Allah.

How has the design of the flag of Iran changed over time?

The design of the flag has remained largely unchanged since its adoption in 1980.

What do the words on the flag of Iran mean?

The words on the flag read “Allahu Akbar” which means “God is great” in Arabic.

What is the size and ratio of the flag of Iran?

The flag of Iran has a ratio of 4:7 and is typically 1.4 meters by 2.4 meters in size.

What is the protocol for displaying the flag of Iran?

The flag should be displayed with respect and should not touch the ground or be used for any disrespectful purposes.

What is the symbolism behind the lion and sun on the flag of Iran?

The lion and sun symbolize power and strength, and have been used in Iranian iconography for centuries.

What is the national anthem of Iran and how is it related to the flag?

The national anthem of Iran is “Soroud-e Melli-e Iran” which translates to “National Anthem of Iran” and is often played during flag-raising ceremonies.