Syria: Meaning of Syrian Flag: Colors, Stars & History

What do the colors on the Syrian flag represent?

The red represents the struggle for freedom, the white represents peace, and the black represents the dark past of the country.

What is the meaning of the stars on the Syrian flag?

The stars represent Syria and its unity with Egypt in the United Arab Republic.

Why does the Syrian flag have two green stars?

The two green stars represent Syria and Egypt, the two countries that formed the United Arab Republic.

When was the current Syrian flag adopted?

The current Syrian flag was adopted on March 22, 1980.

What was the previous flag of Syria?

The previous flag of Syria was a green, white, and black horizontal tricolor with three red stars in the center.

What is the significance of the black stripe on the Syrian flag?

The black stripe represents the dark past of the country and the struggle for freedom.

Who designed the Syrian flag?

The Syrian flag was designed by a group of Syrian nationalists in 1932.

What is the size ratio of the Syrian flag?

The size ratio of the Syrian flag is 2:3.

Why is the Syrian flag often associated with the Ba’ath Party?

The Ba’ath Party, which ruled Syria for many years, adopted the Syrian flag as its own symbol.

Has the Syrian flag changed throughout history?

Yes, the Syrian flag has changed several times throughout history, with the current design being the most recent.